Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 1998, Virginia Governor’s Cup 2007


With the Governor’s Cup for 2007, this region’s most honored wine crowns an incomparable career as the Secretariat of Virginia viticulture, saturated in Gold. In infancy, not even two months in bottle in 2000, this wine was cited by the Beverage Testing Institute as its highest-rated red wine of any varietal from any State in the 1998 vintage, and quickly won international and regional Gold Medal after Gold Medal -- often twice in consecutive years against entirely new competitors. Thousands of fine wines have fallen to this one.

Its signature finesse and vitality had never left a doubt, from the validation it won for this growing region from The New York Times in 2000, to its citation as an Example of American Greatness, that the Virginia Governor’s Cup was simply bred into its destiny. This wine well earned the right, over the years, to recognition as Puccini’s Prince to the aloof Princess in Turandot confident that a secret locked in itself - il mio misterio è chiuso in me - would win her embrace at light of day. At 9 years off the vine, almost 8 in bottle, this creation remains in a class by itself, a historic turning point in our region, an inspiration, and a fundamental benchmark of our techniques and values in viticultural expession.