Notes From the Winemaker - April 19th, 2012


A week earlier than our usual First-Weekend-in-May, our traditional Morels Feast will be held on Saturday, April 28th, and I take the liberty of this greeting to send out this reminder, for all who have been with us for this unique occasion before, and to introduce others to one of the defining culinary events on our annual calendar. Our great friend and expert mycologist, Dr. Jeff Long, will co-host the dinner with me in our Piemonte Arcades, with sweeping views over the vineyards and the Blue Ridge beyond. Don't hesitate to bring your "smart-phone" to exploit the daylight savings lighting as we gather for a glass of Prosecco from our founder's estate in the Veneto.

Chef Melissa Close-Hart has created outstanding showcase dishes for celebrating our favourite woodland mushrooms with three of our bedrock vineyard classics, Pinot Grigio, Barbera, and Nebbiolo, which I'm happy to report are drawn from four outstanding vintages of recent years. Especially the 2010 Barbera Reserve is one of our benchmarks in a wine we are alone in presenting in Virginia, although it is the backbone of dining in my native province of Piemonte. And for the Nebbiolo course, I open the cellar to splurge with a preview of the especially elegant 2009 vintage, the vintage which won Best in Class honors for Cabernet Franc at the Winemakers' Challenge Competition in San Diego. 

Last week's Barrel Tasting showed such great interest in our mature Nebbiolo vintages that I am writing also to announce, I'll be making that list of wines available for guests who can join us for the Morels Feast, together with the yet-to-be-released 2009 vintage. Allow this most beautiful, earliest Spring in several years, to be your ultimate invitation to the evening, and as your dessert spoon descends into the limoncello-scented Panna Cotta that will climax the feast, let the promise of this growing season have been unlocked in a gorgeous night of dining among friends. Please contact Taz Greer at Palladio Restaurant to secure your reservation, (540) 832 - 7848. 

With best wishes to you and your family,