Notes From the Winemaker - April 19th, 2013


In our own forest, morels discovered just in time for dinner.Our longtime Spring tradition of a feast with the season's brief explosion of morels is being served Saturday, April 27th, at 7:00 in our Piemonte Arcades. Our expert friend Dr. Jeff Long, a mycologist enthusiast who is also a pioneer in the harvesting of Appalachian truffles, will be on hand to host the occasion with me and Palladio's Chef Melissa Close-Hart. She has prepared an especially luscious sequence of courses to celebrate everyone's favorite mushroom, and our Arcades' candle-lighted framing of the Blue Ridge at sunset could hardly be put to a happier purpose. 

This celebration has inspired me to dig deep into our cellar for several of our finest vintages to respond to the essence of every dish, with our 2007 vintage of Viognier Reserve, the 2010 vintage of Barbera Reserve, and the 2006 vintage of Cabernet Franc Reserve, following pourings of our brand new Brut Cuvée 1814 sparking wine in the metodo classico of Champagne, and concluding with Philéo's delightful Moscato finish. Full details of the menu are available here, to speak for themselves as classics of Palladio's creative repertoire. 

The Piemonte Arcades convene our winery's happiest celebrations. Reservations are essential, of course, for an occasion not being offered anywhere else, so please do call to secure your place at the table. (540) 832-7848. It will be a pleasure to see you, and I would not be surprised if Dr. Long were to bring Este, his trusted truffle-hunting dog, of whom we'll be hearing more this Fall. But now, to savor the inherent elegance in our rustic treasures of the earth, begin the growing season with our Springtime's favorite feast.