Notes From the Winemaker - December 17th, 2012


Having just been apprised that Wine Enthusiast has bestowed Gold Medal ratings (90 points) upon our next vintage of Octagon to be released, I naturally turn to celebrations of the immediate season to wish our friends a fine experience of the holidays and a superb vintage year in 2013.  

I have especially heartening news to report of Palladio Restaurant, but before I come to that, I know our enthusiastic following will want to take a moment to mark a ballot for Chef Melissa Close Hart, in the James Beard Foundation's annual nominations for leading chefs in the region. Just a few keystrokes online to register your ballot will allow you to submit Melissa's name. Several times already designated among the top 20 chefs in our Mid-Atlantic section, and four times the Guest Chef at the James Beard House in New York, she has earned for Palladio Restaurant truly unequalled respect, for her passionate commitment to Italian dining in the Virginia Piedmont, and simply without any equal in excellence at its price. With this in mind, please do register your support with this once-a-year acknowledgment to the James Beard Foundation. 

For the first time in Palladio's history, there will be no holiday closing in January in 2013. A brief span to catch our breath after New Year's Eve, and we will re-open for dinner and our normal weekly schedule, on Friday, January 4th. And in the quiet of winter, it is likely that we hunger for no comfort finer than the quiet gathering with friends away from town, around the ravishing Italian table. 

I realize, I cannot promise the romance of snow when you visit us this season, but I can promise that reservations in our 1804 Inn and Cottages are half-price on Fridays for guests having dinner at Palladio that night, through March 15th. There cannot be a happier way of absorbing the value of a weekend in our countryside, and if I did not already live here, I would have applied for my own booking by now. For the restaurant, please call (540) 832-7848, and for the Inn and Cottages, (540) 832-5384.

Come join us when you can, for a warm and gorgeous daytime Christmas Eve feast for the family, for an exuberant, romantic New Year's Eve in our Piemonte Arcades, and for shopping for Virginia's finest wines, for your happiest entertaining at home.

We look forward to sharing our estate with you as only such a visit can allow, and hope you will come when you can.


Buon natale