Notes From the Winemaker - July 16th, 2012


Our annual Feast with Guest Chef Diego Gottardo from Casa Vinicola Zonin, our founder's winery headquarters in the Veneto, is marked each year by some of our most seasonally exciting ingredients and a correspondingly high culinary inspiration, for which it is always my great pleasure to propose some of our most distinctive wines. Possibly more than at any other such occasion on our calendar, this reunion with Diego brings out our winery's great sympathy for our Italian heritage in gastronomic and viticultural technique, while highlighting our wines and foods as the finest of Virginia's cultivation. 

This year's one-time Guest Chef feast will be no exception, Sunday, August 19th, at 1:00 p.m. This summertime date allows us to feature the rare cultivations from our gardener Robert Sacilotto's herb and vegetable gardens at the estate, which bring such distinctiveness and color to seasonal dining at Palladio Restaurant. Diego has designed a main course displaying Robert's beautiful Malabar Spinach with an extravagant and inspired roast of suckling pig, paired with two of our smallest-production wines from the superb red wine vintage of 2009, Nebbiolo Reserve and Petit Verdot Reserve, 91 Points and Gold Medal at Beverage Testing Institute and Silver Medal at the Winemakers' Challenge International in Chicago. But every course in the feast will portray how elegantly our Virginia-bred wines respond to the Italian regional palate from Sicily to Piemonte to Tuscany to the Veneto, and I hope we can look forward to your joining us. Do call Palladio to book your reservation, (540) 832 - 7848. 

While reserving at Palladio, be advised that Alessandro has just announced the new menu for the next few weeks. You will see the great news that the new vintage of Vermentino Reserve is being presented at lunch and dinner, with preparations of swordfish or crab. No need to fly to Sardinia after all.

On the Tasting Room side, there are two great restorations of availability to report, and a recommendation to act very soon on a fast-disappearing vintage.

The 2010 Barbera Reserve, which we all regard clearly as one of the finest we have grown in many years, will expire in supply within 2 to 3 weeks, at present rates of depletion. In the current month, Alessandro has announced the pairing of this wine with beautiful choices in the main course at lunch and dinner. We are sorry to report how scarce this superb vintage has become, but pleased to notify you, and to suggest that you contact the Tasting Room or the online wine shop, to secure your supply.

At the same time I have great happiness in reporting the return of Vermentino Reserve to our Tasting Room, in the 2011 vintage. The 2010 vintage had been such a small production, it was available little longer than for its introductory feast, and the 2011 vintage is already one-third sold out. We wish all our friends to have this notice of its availability at present.

Also, the new vintage of Petit Verdot Reserve, the 2009, has come to the Tasting Room in larger supply than the previous vintage. Like Vermentino Reserve, it is too scarce in production to pour for tastings, but its availability will be great news to those who are acquainted with our 2009 Red Reserves and with the previous vintage of Petit Verdot. Again, this limited wine is not being offered through stores or restaurants.

In closing, surely everyone within the radius of this greeting has noticed that Summer has emphatically arrived in our growing region. I hope this news of Summertime food and wine at Barboursville will remind us all of what gorgeous rewards there are, in our being "fresh and local."