Notes From the Winemaker - May 23rd, 2013



  A cluster from the 2012 vintage. I'm writing to announce the happiest news for longtime friends of our winery. Not only are we about to release our third vintage of Vermentino Reserve on the 9th of June, but our great and dear friend from Washington, Chef Roberto Donna, will be here to host a celebration luncheon with me on the same day, at 1:00 pm. Please call Palladio Restaurant while seating still remains, (540) 832-7848.

With the third vintage of this wonderful "new" varietal with us, we were able to produce slightly more than before, but we still anticipate its sale within about three months, especially as they will coincide with its ideal season for enjoyment, the peak of Summer. As you are aware, our founder Gianni Zonin grows Vermentino also at his Rocca di Montemassi estate in coastal Tuscany, and the success we have had with our wine has instigated the merriest rivalry between our two vineyards, to the benefit of our new vintage, 2012.

To welcome Chef Roberto Donna back for this occasion is to summon memories of countless Harvest Feasts he has shared with us, and to celebrate our continuing friendship. Here, I am joining him (in eyeglasses) earlier this year, for a winery dinner hosted by Pazzo Pomodoro Restaurant in northern Virginia, presenting Octagon and Malvaxia Passito. At our lunch together on June 9, we will also be offering a preview of the new vintage in Malvaxia Passito (2008), which has already been awarded the Gold Medal and "Best Virginia Dessert Wine" designation, from Chicago's Beverage Testing Institute.
 Chef Roberto and I with friends at Pazzo Pomodoro.  Chef Roberto's culinary vision and craft need no burnishing from anyone. His menu for this occasion echoes of his successes at Galileo and Laboratorio Restaurants in Washington, and at Al Dente, his current establishment, where he has been named Esquire's Chef of the Year. We have fun when he comes to Barboursville, and we hope you can share this feast with us. Book now, to secure your Summer supply of Vermentino, and to be inspired by one of the greats in Italian cuisine.