Octagon 2013 & 2014 Gold in San Francisco


The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition brings together the largest competitive sampling of wines produced throughout the United States, of any annual event of this kind. Over the weekend of January 14th, the Competition announced awards for each of the five wines we presented. Viognier Reserve 2015 and Vermentino Reserve 2015 received the Silver Medal, and Cabernet Franc Reserve 2014, Octagon 2013, and Octagon 2014 won Gold. 


This demonstration of the consistency of Octagon from vintage to vintage, despite distinct adjustments in the blending of its Bordeaux varietals, which flow from the character of each growing season, is notable. This speaks for the responsiveness of our viticulturists, the adaptability of our clonal selections, and the fluency of our winemakers in knowing what to look for in any harvest worthy of an Octagon. As for the wine’s famous rivalry here with Cabernet Franc, that, too, is a gratifying consequence of decades of passionate varietal development.