The Octagon ~ The long-awaited feast


Counting down to our annual Octagon feast, scheduled for 7:00pm Saturday, December 12th, are many loyalists who’ve been waiting almost a year. But seating still remains for this unique occasion on our gastronomic calendar and, in the motive for sharing which lies of the heart of the wine, itself, we urge friends to reserve a place, (540) 832-7848. 

Hosted by winemaker Luca Paschina, this year’s “Octagon” proposes a stunning vertical serving of 4 Octagon vintages, through a sequence of luscious braises and roasts designed and prepared by Palladio’s Chef Spencer Crawford, drawing upon rarities of the estate’s kitchen garden, such as horticulturist Robert Sacilotto’s “giant” lima bean in combination with Burgundian black truffles. 

This is surely the way to explore the facets of Octagon, with a company of enthusiasts and a vivid demonstration that this is a wine without peaks, but of evolving phases for changing culinary pairings. Framed by the Brut Cuvée 1814 with canapés, and the most seductive wine of the estate with dessert, Paxxito 2010, this year’s Octagon is the ultimate window on our estate of wine. Come for the pleasure, take home the view.