Barbera Reserve2016


Barbera Reserve

This wine of Piemonte, Italy, has long been a strong favorite in our list, for varietal expression and its adaptability to a broad range of possible culinary pairings. It is also the favorite discovery in red wines, for palates previously tending toward whites, and with any requirement of avoiding bold tannins. Barbera refreshes the dining experience of everyone.



Cellar Life


To the novice grape-grower 2013 seemed an unlikely year for stellar results, due to an early rainy pattern which finally broke at the beginning of August at which point the vineyard enjoyed cool temperatures and abundant sun through early October. It is because of years like this one that we never make predictions nor we lose hope too early but we diligently prepare our vineyards to take advantage of the last 60 days of the ripening season.The grapes were harvested at ideal balance of sugar and acidity and produced structured wines capable of long aging especially in the reserve selection and inevitably Octagon.

Fermentation 5-7 days in stainless steel
Maceration 3-5 days
Composition Barbera 100%
Aging 8 months, used French oak barriques
Analysis Alcohol, 13.%
Residual Sugars, 0%
Total Acidity, 0.58%

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