SOLD OUT Petit Verdot Reserve2014


SOLD OUT Petit Verdot Reserve

The distinctively darkly colored and assertively tannic blending varietal of Bordeaux, cultivated here originally for its contribution to Octagon and with those strict standards, our Petit Verdot has shown itself able to satisfy a winelover’s taste for rich, earthy dark berry flavors and great palate length. Produced in this way in limited volume, the wine is capable of extended cellar life, and benefits from several years in bottle.



Cellar Life


A single, light frost at the outset of the season inflicted minor crop losses, but thereafter a pattern stabilized of moderate rain, and daytime temperatures never approaching hot ranges. In the crucial last 6 weeks of the growing season, from early September to mid-October, we enjoyed a period of consistent high pressure, with clear blue sky, warm days and cool evenings which ultimately allowed us to harvest at optimal times. A signature of this vintage is that the reds bear a higher than average acidity, extravagant texture, fragrant aromatics - gifts of the cooler season.

Town Point Virginia Competition, Norfolk, 2017 Platinum Medal
Monticello Cup Competition, 2017 Silver Medal
Virginia State Fair, 2017 Silver Medal
Beverage Testing Institute, 2017 Silver Medal
Fermentation 7-10 days on the skins in stainless steel
Maceration 5-8 days
Composition Petit Verdot 100%
Aging 12 months new French oak barriques
Analysis Alcohol, 13.5%
Residual Sugars, 0.0%
Total Acidity, .53%

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